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Winner Documentary Short Subject,
Ruby Yang and Thomas Lennon -“The Blood of Yingzhou District"
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences  |  February 25, 2007

Acceptance Speech 

Thomas Lennon:
Thank you, everyone. A treacherous profession—documentary film—one part of our hearts with remote villages in Anhui, China, the other part burning to get here, Beverly Hills. Complicated. Quite complicated. 

Our thanks to Jing Jun and Li Xiguang, Joan Ganz Cooney, our Chinese-American supporters, the Starr Foundation, Sheila Nevins of HBO, Qu Ke, Chung Ma and the whole China crew. And most importantly, Zhang Ying, who let us film her work. 

Ruby Yang (in Chinese):
Special thanks to all the AIDS heroes and friends and supporters of our project.